LIVE Weather Radar For MLB Daily Fantasy Sports Lineup Optimizing

Why Is DFS Weather Report Important?

Have you ever not started a stud pitcher because of a 70% chance of rain, only to see the game was played as scheduled?  Ever faded a game completely due to scattered showers and a fear of the game being postponed, but the game wasn’t even delayed?  Lost opportunities can ruin your daily fantasy lineup and cost you money.

Even in our personal lives, we’ve all been burned by a bad forecast.  “I thought it was supposed to rain today?”.  How many times have you said or heard that?

Radar Doesn’t Lie.  Make Better Roster Decisions, Make More Money.

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DFS Weather Report provides live regional radars of every stadium so you can see exactly what kind of weather is coming or going.  If you want to build the best DFS baseball lineup possible, you not only need to know the chance it will rain, but you need to see the track of the upcoming storms and duration of the weather that was forecast.

The best DraftKings and FanDuel players grab every advantage they can.  Now you don’t have to look up individual cities on weather sites anymore.  Each and every team is listed all in one place.

Scroll down to the applicable MLB city or find your team in the menus to be taken to the live weather!

Use the weather forecast and these LIVE radars to your advantage when playing fantasy baseball and building your optimal DFS lineup!

Here is the entire live radar US Map.

AL East